Rainbow Six Siege: The Incoming Friend Fire Is Coming with the New Update

Rainbow Six Siege: The Incoming Friend Fire Is Coming with the New Update

Based on the indications offered by the Rainbow Six Siege community, the Ubisoft Montreal authors are about to introduce the Fire Friend Inverse feature to help improve the gaming experience for fans of their popular tactical shooter.

The FAI function will be active starting tomorrow, Wednesday 8 May, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One via an update that should only be on the server side. The system devised by the Ubisoft Canadian subsidiary is rather simple and, also, for this reason, tremendously important for the gambling economy.

As the authors of Ubisoft Montreal illustrate on the pages of the official R6S website, the Inverse Friend Fire is activated automatically when a player abuses the friendly fire mechanics to knock down their teammates and break the rhythm of the game.

The activation of the FAI takes place based on the total damage inflicted on the comrades: therefore, no validation screen is provided for the other members of the team of the offending player. The boys, however, are keen to stress that the introduction of this mechanic will only be the first step in a long series of interventions that, over the next few weeks, will contribute to improving this function and making it clearer for the Operators.

One of these interventions will be carried out during the phase of Season 2 Year 4, with the activation of the FAI for the whole team and the implementation of a monitoring system based on the data collected by the developers and by the feedback of shooter fans who contribute to the success of Rainbow Six Siege.