Scalebound: Platinum Games Returns to the Cancellation and the Rumored Switch Version

Scalebound Platinum Games Returns to the Cancellation and the Rumored Switch Version

One of the wounds not yet completely healed for the owners of Xbox is certainly the one opened to the cancellation of Scalebound, initially presented to the public as one of the most ambitious projects on the Microsoft console.

From January 2017 to today, the reasons for the sinking of the project have never been fully understood, as much as it had spread enthusiasm to the announcement, it had also raised some doubts with the gameplay videos shown during development. The fact is that, after hearing the news, many of them attacked Microsoft, which was identified as the main architect of the failure of Scalebound.

According to what was reported during a new interview by Atsushi Inaba, studio head of Platinum Games, the truth, as often happens, lies in the middle: the blame for what happened is to be attributed partly to Microsoft, but also to the same Japanese software company in charge of creating an ambitious action-RPG open world playable in back to its magnificent dragon.

“Watching fans get mad at Microsoft for cancellation was not easy for us. Because the reality is that when a game in the developing world fails to be released, it is the fault of both. I think we could have done better, and I’m sure that Microsoft, as a publisher, would have liked to do something differently, because nobody wants to see a canceled game”.

According to a theory that emerged on the net a few months ago, a new hope was about to be born for Scalebound, apparently destined to rise again as exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Inaba has ruled out that this scenario could materialize, since ” the IP belongs to Microsoft”.