Street Fighter V: Export Is a Priority Goal for the Future of Capcom

Street Fighter V: Export Is a Priority Goal for the Future of Capcom

Capcom has decided to double its export efforts by restructuring its media licensing divisions and creating a new business unit: Capcom Media Ventures. In this way, the Japanese giant aims to expand its competitive Street Fighter circuits: the Capcom Pro Tour and the Street Fighter League.

The recently unveiled Capcom plans seem to refer above all to the new Street Fighter League, in its first season, but it is possible that in the near future there will also be initiatives dedicated to the historic Capcom Pro Tour.

” … in response to the worldwide attention surrounding the export, and to the growing competitive scene within the Japanese market, Capcom is doubling its commitment to making the sector a priority area and aims to grow the base of players all over the world through championships dedicated to Street Fighter “.

When the title came out, Capcom declared that it would guarantee the support of Street Fighter V at least until 2020 (despite the criticisms initially showered), suggesting the subsequent arrival of a new episode.

Street Fighter 6 must obviously still be revealed, but the announcement of these days may mean that export will continue to play an important part in Capcom’s strategy even with the new chapter of the series.

Capcom’s fiscal year was driven by record sales of Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter World on PC. The affirmation of Capcom’s renewed commitment to export could be a reassurance to investors on the company’s goals which, up until now, has not done enough to keep up with other competitors more focused on competitive gaming, such as Activision Blizzard or Epic Games.