Until Dawn: The Developers Explain Why a Sequel Was Not Made

Until Dawn: The Developers Explain Why a Sequel Was Not Made

The narrative horror of Until Dawn has been appreciated both by the public and the critics since its release. And practically since 2015, when it landed on PlayStation 4, which many are clamoring for a sequel, just to confirm the goodness of the title.

For the moment, however, the developers of Supermassive Games have turned a deaf ear, preferring instead to focus on a new title, related themes, called Man of Medan. It will be the first chapter of a five-part anthology called The Dark Pictures.

Game Informer recently interviewed the developers to try to understand the reasons for the choice. Pete Samuels, CEO of Supermassive spoke about it, who said that despite requests for an Until Dawn 2, the studio preferred to work on an anthological series that would allow the team to create more projects “at the Until Dawn”, but at a time of lesser time.

Even the director of Man of Medan, Tom Heaton, intervened: ” In an anthology, there is a great opportunity to explore a new subject, a new genre and with features that you can develop specifically for that story. You are not linked to the use of historical figures”, he declared.

Finally it was the turn of producer Dan McDonald , who talked about how difficult it would be to create a sequel for a game like Until Dawn, where the outcome of the story also depends on the player’s choices: “If we made sequels we wouldn’t know who it is we could obviously deduce it from your bailouts, but we don’t want to do that. We want to do a different story with different protagonists. “

What do you think of their statements?