Fortnite 9.0: Unveiled the Novelties of the Creative Mode

Fortnite 9.0: Unveiled the Novelties of the Creative Mode

While waiting for everyone to get back online and everyone is given the chance to play Fortnite’s 9.0 update, the official Epic Games patches have arrived, allowing us to take a look at the main innovations introduced in the game with the new update.

Among the main ones, we talk about the new point of interest Neoinclinato, which will be possible to create their own version, thanks to prefabricated sets and gallery options in its futuristic style. The floating platform has also been introduced, allowing you to build even at great heights, and it is now possible to customize damage, score, and health of creatures in advanced games.

The Island of the Meadows has been added and some small bugs related to the islands, in general, have been solved. As for the gameplay, the Team Rotation feature has been introduced, allowing you to change deployment every tot around. It is now also possible to decide whether or not to allow a player to leave the confines of an island.

The Jewel object added to the consumables card, and the heavy combat rifle is now available. As for the movements, it is now possible to shoot during the flight and the basic flight speed can be changed.

Several improvements also concern the Devices, the prefabricated buildings, and the galleries and the user interface, as well as the usual amount of bug fixes and small improvements. The complete list of changes made to the game can be consulted via the official patch notes.

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