Fortnite Mobile Is Updated to Version 9.0 on iOS and Android

Fortnite Mobile Is Updated to Version

As we are telling you, Fortnite Update 9.0 is a reality, and waiting for the servers to come back online, Epic Games has released the official known game patches, which allow us to take a look at all the new features introduced.

After seeing the novelties of the Royal Battle of Fortnite Season 9, and the novelties of the World Save mode of Fortnite Season 9, let’s see together what changes regarding the mobile version of the very popular Battle Royale.

The automatic fire that can now be activated on vehicles has been added, and it is now possible to drag and drop objects from the quick bar even while jumping. A very sensible change was the movement of the X-Stormwing positioning button, which often caused the involuntary Home button to be pressed.

There are also many bugs and small problems of various kinds that have now been solved, such as errors concerning automatic weapons, trajectory indicator, weapon icons, which are now correctly present in the quick bar, and anything else.

For a list of all the improvements made, which are really many, we refer you to the official patch notes released by Epic Games a little while ago. What do you think? Are you already loaded and ready to start Fortnite Season 9?