Fortnite Season 9: The New Save the World Content

Fortnite Season 9: The New Save the World Content

The Fortnite 9.0 update is pretty much reality, and Epic Games has already released official patch notes that illustrate all the changes made to the game. Let’s see what’s cooking together with regards to Save the World mode.

In fact, on Fortnite the WarGames are coming, of the anti-Tempest shield mission simulations, where the player can test his ability. In Stories from the Beyond instead, you can now hunt down the monster of Lok, and two new heroes are coming: the builder Garridan and the ninja dinosaur Luna Paleo.

The simulations of the WarGames will be active in all the biomes and at the beginning, only 4 will be available, while others will be added gradually. The player will have to deal with tornadoes, volcanic cracks, and anomalies of various kinds, defending his base for seven minutes, at the end of which a random amplifier will be selected to defend for another seven minutes. This is a rather extensive modality, given that various modifiers are also applicable to the various challenges, so we refer you to the official Epic Games patches to learn more.

Epic Games has also solved a number of bugs and made several small improvements to virtually all aspects of the game, from the user interface to performance, including weapons and miscellaneous items.

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