Fortnite: The New Battle Pass Season 9 Is Available!

Fortnite: The New Battle Pass Season 9 Is Available!

With the eruption of the volcano, some of the more classic areas have changed the face. And from the ashes, Neoinclinato rises. Choose the team to discover the bright lights of new attractions such as the Bananita Kiosk and Rifugio Pepita…

Take a pass to quickly cross entire areas by flying in and out of the new shock wave transport system . Use the new air ducts to move quickly from building to building. Plana to the new Megamall to shop before the Storm arrives. The future is yours with season 9!

Each season also brings a new Battle Pass. More than 100 rewards ready to be unlocked await you, but the cost remains unchanged: only 950 V-buck! This season, you’ll immediately get the Sentinel costume and the Rox progressive costume when you purchase the Battle Pass. Level up with your Battle Pass and unlock new rewards like new double picks, a robotic cat, throwing discs and more! At level 100, you’ll unlock a progressive costume forged in battles: Venganza.

New this season: the Battle Passes are Fortbyte! Use the clues to find and get the collectibles scattered around the island.

Creative mode

The future is in your hands! Build your own version of Neoinclinato using prefabricated sets and gallery options in pure futuristic style. Flying platforms allow you to build at great heights and are great for platforming. A new season, a new city, new opportunities for great games.

Save the world

Lok claims to have seen a strange visitor, unlike anything you’ve ever seen at the Home base. Join Ray and his companions in the new “Stories from the Beyond” assignment sequence and investigate the mysterious visitor to unlock new heroes on the subject. Choose a group, enter the Home base and participate in a new Wargames game mode! Engage battle through four unique simulations, made available with the launch of season 9.