Fortnite: The Stream Sniping Continues to Rage, Tfue New Target

Fortnite The Stream Sniping Continues to Rage, Tfue New Target

Turner ” Tfue ” Tenney, like another great Twitch streamer, has to deal daily with the practice of stream sniping, increasingly widespread and annoying, since it not only spoils the competition and the streamer game session but also the view of users connected to the channel

Recently the FaZe Clan player had to deal with a completely new stream snipe mode: a player ( Moldee nickname ) in his game not only watched him thanks to Twitch but even that same player was also transmitting the match right on Twitch talking to a friend who was also in the same Tfue match.

The evidence supporting the thesis that Moldee was looking at Tfue’s stream to hunt him is different. In a video, for example, the player clearly states: ” I almost killed him. I know, I saw him on his stream. “

As we know, streaming sniping allows the player who is watching a live stream to have a considerable advantage over their opponents.

Whoever is surprised can see the account suspended or even banned permanently. As we said, other popular Fortnite streamers have been the subject of stream sniping. The case of Tfue, however, is rather serious, because it was done during the qualifications for the World Cup.