Fortnite: V-Buck Free for Everyone but It’s Just an Epic Mistake

Fortnite: V-Buck Free for Everyone but It's Just an Epic Mistake

Last weekend the Fortnite Warehouse Return event was held, marked by disruptions related to server stability. Epic Games gave the Arcana Hang Glider (or 1,200 V-Buck as an alternative for those who already have this item) to excuse the inconvenience, but the gift distribution caused other problems.

The distribution began late yesterday (Wednesday 8 May) and continued into the night, with interesting side effects, namely the random assignment of thousands of V-Buck, the virtual currency of the game. Players have reported receiving impressive amounts of V-Buck, from 2,000 to 15,000 (the equivalent of around 150 euros) while others have seen skins, picks and other cosmetic items removed from the locker.

Epic Games immediately intervened on Twitter to clarify: unfortunately a technical problem caused the incorrect attribution of V-Bucks and the removal of the skins, soon the situation will return to normal, the V-Buck assigned by mistake will be removed from the profiles so don’t spend it, to avoid the negative balance in your account. Very soon the players will also get back their skins and pick taken by mistake and everyone will receive the Arcana Hang Glider (or 1,200 V-Buck) as promised.