Google Stadia: Latency Will No Longer Be a Problem

Google Stadia Latency Will No Longer Be a Problem

More and more people are convinced that the future of gaming is to be found in streaming and in cloud gaming. One of the main problems to be solved in this regard will be latency, which could be very annoying for players. Google may have already succeeded.

The same company talked about it during Google I / O illustrating the solutions it would find, even quite enthusiastically: “It will take less time for a package from the datacentre to reach you, compared to a command of your brain that reaches your fingers”.

According to Google, the success of streaming a game depends on the ability to minimize the delay and at the same time find the correct balance between quality and latency. “There is not a single optimization to make the cloud streaming technology perfect, it is always a continuous balancing of a series of compromises. If you improve a thing, it often goes to the detriment of another thing.”

To overcome this problem, Google has therefore created its own particular algorithm that allows reducing congestion and packet loss even before it happens.

“On the receiver side we use WebRTC extensions created by our team in Sweden to disable buffering and show images as soon as they arrive. For us, controlling congestion and keeping buffering to a minimum is vital.”

In this way, with a well-optimized algorithm, Stadia will be able to avoid some of the typical defects that are commonly associated with video game streaming services.

Will he succeed? For the moment we can only wait. There is already a lot of curiosity about Google: Kojima is in favor of streaming, a technology that could change the way people play. Which side are you on?