Pokemon Go: Aipom Shiny Arrives, the Chromatic Variant

Pokemon Go Aipom Shiny Arrives, the Chromatic Variant

The cute Aipom is now available in Pokemon GO also in the Shiny variant (Cromatica), as part of the event dedicated to the film Detective Pikachu, in Italian cinemas starting today, Thursday 9 May.

Aipom debuted in Pokemon GO in 2017 but the Shiny version was not yet present, although requested by the community in a loud voice. At the moment Aipom Shiny is available in the wild and as part of the raids, however, the appearance percentage remains very low, so don’t expect to come across an Aipom Chromatic very often.

Until May 17, Pokemon Detective Pikachu will be active in Pokemon GO with Double PE Bonus for each capture, exclusive field research missions and items dedicated to the most famous electric Pokemon, such as Detective Pikachu’s hats. This is a great opportunity to return to playing with one of the most successful mobile games ever, thanks to numerous incentives for those who will resume the hunt for Pokemon!