Pokemon Go: New Lures Arriving That Can Evolve Some Pokemon?

Pokemon Go New Lures Arriving That Can Evolve Some Pokemon

Over time, Niantic has accustomed Pokemon GO players to the frequent introduction of new elements into the famous mobile title inspired by the creatures of Game Freak.

The active community is incredibly large and it is therefore not surprising that some users are constantly looking for information on future software house plans. Among the most famous dataminer, we find the Twitter user “Chrales”. And the latter recently shared a rather intriguing twittering. As you can see at the bottom of the news, according to the latter three new types of baits, with special features, would in fact be arriving within Pokemon GO :

  • “Glacial” bait: it would attract cold pokemon;
  • “Magnetic” bait: it would attract pokemon with a magnetic field;
  • “Musk” bait: would attract pokemon that love musk aromas;

All three modules would also have the ability to ” cause the evolution of some Pokemon “. Tools that, if confirmed, would be certainly an interesting addition. Like every time we talk about rumors, however, we remind you that these are not official information. In order to know if the introduction of these items really falls within Niantic’s plans, we therefore only have to wait for any communications in this sense from the software house.

Meanwhile, we take the opportunity to remind you that Detective Pikachu is currently active in Pokemon GO. If you are eager to add to your team the cute electric pokemon complete with an investigator’s hat, we inform you that on the pages of Playcrazygame.com a guide is available that describes how to capture Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO.