Away the Survival Series Will Include Live Ecosystems in Which to Run, Climb and Glide

Away the Survival Series Will Include Live Ecosystems in Which to Run, Climb and Glide

During the last State of Play, there was space both for welcome returns, with the new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but also for the presentation of some news.

Among the latter is certainly Away: The Survival Series, an intriguing title created by the developers of Breaking Wall, who worked there for about three years. The game will be set in a ” remote future “ , where the fauna of the planet Earth is threatened by several natural disasters. Within this adventure, we will play the role of a flying squirrel and our aim will be to find a safe haven in the wilderness.

And the very nature of this unconventional protagonist seems to have strongly influenced the game structure. For example, the small size of the animal has prompted developers to pay particular attention to reproducing many details, including plants, leaves, and blades of grass. The scenarios will also allow players to take advantage of all the abilities of the tender sugar glider, able to jump, climb and glide. Finally, the team highlights that the game world will be populated by numerous other animal creatures, from prey to predators and from small insects to large mammals. A variety aimed at creating a living ecosystem, in which the animals interact with each other independently with respect to the adventures of our small videogame alter-ego.

To get a more detailed idea of ​​the atmospheres that await you within the Breaking Wall game, we invite you to view the Away The Survival Series announcement trailer, available on Playcrazygame pages, and to take a look at the images below. to the news. What do you think?