Fortnite: Epic Has Reduced Traveling Speed in Shock Waves


Among the most important innovations of the Season, 9 of Fortnite are undoubtedly the Shockwaves, air ducts scattered around the island that allows players to move much faster than usual. The new additions, however, often need some balancing before they can function properly, and these are no exception.

A few minutes ago, Epic Games announced that it had released a hotfix on all platforms that reduced the speed at which players travel inside the airwaves of the shockwaves. In the next few hours, the team will monitor the situation to assess the impact of this change on the game’s performance and then make a final decision.

What do you think of this choice? Do you think the gameplay will benefit? We take this opportunity to inform you that the free distribution of the Arcana hang glider has begun, which Epic Games has launched to make up for the inefficiencies that occurred during the Fortnite Unveiling event that took place at the end of Season 8. Many players could not participate in the voting of the weapon to bring back into the game and watch the eruption of the volcano. The hang glider will be given only to those who were in the playlist of the event on the evening of Saturday 4 May.