GTA Online: New Simeon Premium Deluxe Recovery Missions and Free Office

GTA Online: New Simeon

This week you will have many ways to raise some extra money at Southern San Andreas and at the same time save on vehicles and luxury properties. Simeon Yetarian has watched you closely and needs your help for two other chores that will both guarantee you double rewards.

Also, take advantage of the bonuses on arms traffic sales missions, races for particular vehicles and much more. Play any time until May 15 to unlock the Warstock hat and get the office of Maze Bank West, both completely free. Exactly, this is the open market.

Experience your personal Apocalypse Strike from your underground lair with a 40% discount on all operating bases, renovations, and additions and take advantage of discounts on other properties throughout the week.

  • Operating bases – 40% discount
  • Renovations and additions for the operational bases – 40% discount
  • 10-seat garage – 50% discount
  • Workshops for all vehicles – 30% discount
  • Workshops for all weapons – 30% discount

This week there are lots of luxury and military vehicles on sale:

  • HVY Insurgent custom pick-up – 40% discount
  • HVY APC – 40% discount
  • Karin Kuruma armored – 30% discount
  • RCV – 30% discount
  • Progen Itali GTB – 30% discount
  • Ruiner 2000 Imponte – 40% discount
  • Coil Rocket Voltic – 40% discount
  • Nagasaki Blazer Aqua – 40% discount
  • RM-10 Bombushka – 40% discount
  • Pfister Neon – 35% discount
  • Viseris lamps – 35% discount

Stock up on essential items for the battlefield before the next battle with a 35% discount on all ammunition and more:

  • Bulletproof jacket – 35% discount
  • Ammunition (including Mk II) – 35% discount
  • Apparel of the apocalypse – 30% discount

You can enter premium races by starting them from the “Quick Match” app on your game phone or from the yellow circle at Legion Square. Pay 20,000 GTA $ and run against 7 other drivers to reach the first place and win 100,000 GTA $, the runner-up will receive 30,000 GTA $ while the third 20,000 GTA $.

  • May 9: Use force (muscle car only)
  • From 10 to 13 May: Automotive Kortze (only for motorcycles)
  • May 14/15: Red code (only for supercars)

Due to the competition’s thirst for revenge, Simeon ‘s latest cargo is going up in smoke. To avoid unwanted attention from the authorities he did not call the police, he called you. Get a fire truck, extinguish the fires and take care of those who set them up.

A local but international businessman is selling very expensive cars to a foreign buyer. In black, of course. Cars are about to leave the city on a private cargo plane. This is where you come into play: intercept the shipment to the LSIA, escape the cops and take the vehicles to a safe place. Simeon will take care of the rest.

This week, in addition to the double GTA $ and RP on all the Simeon Premium Deluxe recovery missions, the smugglers will be able to make a real bargain even on all Arms Traffic sales missions. Money and RP have also been doubled on all special vehicle races and Versus G-Rating missions.

Start your entrepreneurial career on the right foot by choosing the office of West Maze Bank. All you have to do is take your iFruit, go to the Dynasty8 Executive website and claim your headquarters, pro bono. Once you have secured your office, you can customize it and use it as a pole for any type of corporate crime.

Play GTA Online at any time this week by May 15 to show your support for the military industrial complex and unlock the Warstock hat.