Monster Hunter World in Free Trial on PS4: The Nergigante Arcitemprato Is Coming


After having illustrated the news of the Iceborne expansion during the PlayStation State of Play, the Capcom kids take advantage of the last event in streaming to announce the arrival of a Free Trial on PlayStation 4 to illustrate in detail the contents of the next free update for all the versions of the title.

Available from today, the Free Trial version of MHW on PS4 can be downloaded and enjoyed by Sony console users until May 20th: it will include a portion of the main campaign and allow users to face all the challenges of the title upon completion of the hunting mission dedicated to Tobi-Kadachi in the Grado Cacciatore 4. The Free Trial will be contentistically identical to the original version: as a result, those who download it will be able to use it to participate in online hunting parties and in the activities of the Fiori di Primavera Festival.

Those who decide to buy the title, of course, can transfer their bailouts to the full game and continue the adventure to further evolve their character. As for the innovations that the Capcom authors have in store for long-time fans of Monster Hunter World, the Japanese developers anticipate the arrival in the game world of the Arcitemprata version of Nergigante, one of the most loved monsters by fans.

In his new form, the Nergigante will boast a completely original attack pattern and new moves, all to make it even more difficult to capture or knock down: whoever manages to overcome this difficult challenge can forge new pieces of Gamma Armor.

The Nergigante Arcitemprato will come in conjunction with the new challenges of the second phase of the Fiori di Primavera Festival: waiting to reveal more details on the challenges associated with the new monster, Capcom has decided to launch a new dynamic theme for PS4 of dedicated MHW, precisely, to the “new” Nergigante. The new expansion of Monster Hunter World, the ambitious Iceborne, will be available starting September 6th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and later on PC via Steam pages. On these pages, you will find an overview video of Iceborne monsters.