Tetris 99, Announced the Big Block Dlc: Introduces Two New Offline Game Modes


Announced totally in surprise during a February Nintendo Direct and immediately available at the end of the show, Tetris 99 quickly became a widely appreciated production.

The peculiar video game formula, which manifests itself in an exceptional combination of tetramini and battle royale, was in fact able to attract the curiosity and interest of a vast number of Nintendo Switch users, who could be pleased to know that Nintendo has decided to provide post-launch support for the game. The Kyoto House has indeed announced the Big Block DLC. Purchasable for 9.99 euros, this additional content introduces two new modes in-game:

  • CPU Vs: will allow players to challenge 98 bots.
  • Marathon: players can test themselves by trying to eliminate as many lines as possible.

Both the two new modes are completely offline and can, therefore, be played even by users who do not have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Another interesting element, Nintendo has announced that the Big Block DLC also includes an offline multiplayer mode, which will be made available this year and on which new details will soon be shared.