A Fan of Days Gone Has Recreated Deacon’s Iconic Baseball Bat!

Days Gone Has Recreated Deacon's Iconic Baseball

Although foreign critics did not appreciate it very much, Days Gone is achieving excellent sales results: in Japan, it did better than Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War at launch, while on PlayStation Store it was the most purchased game in April. With the title of Sony Benda, fans are not lacking at all.

One of them, who calls himself KingSmith34 on Twitter, liked so much one of the iconic melee weapons in the game – the spiked baseball bat with the circular blade on the end – to be recreated in the real world! Just like Deacon St. John, King also found the materials needed to build it, with the only difference that he didn’t have to do it in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by the Furios. You can appreciate his work in the images attached at the bottom of this news, let us know what you think!

Days Gone, remember, is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. KingSmith34 is not the only player to have been inspired by the game of Sony Bend: there are also those who were able to recreate the Deacon motorcycle! Speaking of spiked baseball bats.