Apex Legends and Piggy-Backing: Ban for Bad Players

Apex Legends and Piggy-Backing: Ban for Bad Players

With the new Apex Legends patches, the first of which should be launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One over the next few days, Respawn intends to punish unfair players by introducing a system designed to highlight abnormal behaviors such as the so-called ” piggy-backing “.

As Respawn’s Community Manager Jay Frechette explains on Reddit, piggy-backing indicates the attitude of players who do not participate in the team’s activities and simply follow the other team members without acquiring equipment and without attacking the opponents, the all with the simple purpose of gaining experience with as little effort as possible even at the cost of ruining the gaming experience of others.

In this regard, Frechette intends to adopt countermeasures to limit the problems caused by the “piggy-backers”, perhaps starting from the next update: “After examining the data and studying what to do after internal discussions, we decided to set up temporary bans for those players who assume such behavior. In the most extreme cases, we could even decide to impose permanent bans. This change will not be immediate because we would like to give users who adopt this attitude of time to reflect”.

While waiting to see if this intervention will improve the gaming experience of the Apex Legends sci-fi universe explorers, let us know who follows us that the next Respawn battle royale update will modify the Legends hitboxes and solve the problem of the crash on PS4.