Apex Legends: The Next Patch Will Improve Hitboxes and Fix Crashes on PS4

Apex Legends: The Next Patch Will Improve Hitboxes and Fix Crashes on PS4

Respawn Entertainment’s community manager Jay “JayFresh” Frechette spoke on Reddit to unveil the first information on Apex Legends Patch 5.10, which will be published shortly.

To begin with, the goal is to improve the hitboxes and the detection of blows inflicted on the opponents. The developers have identified the problem that from time to time affects the recording of damage: apparently the location of the characters locally and on the servers is not always synchronized. The patch will finally solve this criticality, which is a highly competitive game like Apex Legends can be highly detrimental.

The bug of the new Coloss passive perk, recently assigned to Gibraltar and Caustic with the aim of making them stronger will also be solved. Because of it, the two loose health even when they have residual armor: what should have strengthened them, on balance, penalized them. The team has been aware of this since last April and finally seems to be ready to put a patch. The patch will also improve the audio performance and the sound deriving from the opponents’ steps (to increase awareness of what is happening nearby) and will definitively resolve Apex Legends crashes on PS4, triggered by the addition of the Lifeline “Pick Me Up” banner. For the moment, as a temporary solution, the banner in question has been disabled.

The release date of the 5.10 patch was not disclosed but is most likely set for next week. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts have expressed its intention to bring Apex Legends to mobile and other platforms.

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