Days Gone and Platinum Trophy: Theme and Avatar Dedicated as a Reward to the Players

Days Gone and Platinum Trophy Theme and Avatar Dedicated as a Reward to the Players

Days Gone has been available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro for some time now, and some players have already completed their adventures as Deacon St. John.

But not only that but among the latter we also find some users who have given particular attention to the new Bend Studio title, exploring every facet of it. In this way, they have unlocked all the trophies of the game, coming to conquer the ever-coveted Platinum Trophy, which testifies to a 100% completion of the game. Well, Sony and Bend Studio seem to have decided to reward the commitment of the players, guaranteeing them a small but welcome reward. It is an avatar and a PS4 theme dedicated to the world of Days Gone: you can view a preview image directly in the twitter at the bottom of this news. What do you think you like?

This is not the first initiative in this regard by Sony. In the past, the conquest of the Platinum Trophy guaranteed gamers the achievement of similarly themed rewards. We can, for example, recall the special Bloodborne PlayStation 4 theme reserved for users who had won every trophy in the game From Software, or the special PS4 theme of Horizon Zero Dawn, also linked to the achievement of the Platinum Trophy.