Days Gone: Deacon ST. John’s Motorcycle Protagonist in the Best Shots Selected by Sony

Days Gone: Deacon ST. John's Motorcycle Protagonist in the Best Shots Selected by Sony

Days Gone is once again the absolute protagonist of Share of the Week, the weekly thematic contest dedicated by Sony to in-game photography on PlayStation 4.

If in the last edition the videogamers had been generically asked to immortalize in their shots the new Bend Studio title, this week the request was much more specific. Sony has in fact challenged PS4 and PS4 Pro users to make Deacon St. John’s motorcycle the absolute protagonist of its snapshots. The faithful two-wheeled companion of our videogame alter-ego was, therefore, the main object of this new edition of the Share of the Week contest. Among the images shared by the players, Sony has selected six winning shots, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news. As usual, although sharing the same subject, the selection made is rather varied: what is the shot that struck you the most? 

In Days Gone, for the protagonist the bike is much more than a “simple” means of transport: it represents a real indispensable travel companion. Perhaps also, for this reason, Playstation Nordic has promoted an initiative that has seen four technicians reproduce in just 48 hours the bike of Days Gone in reality. In closing, we anticipate that the Bend Studio game remains the protagonist of Share of the Week for the third consecutive week: after the best shots on Days Gone, Sony now asks users to focus on the figure of Deacon St. John.