Denis Dyack: Silicon Knights Founder Incites Hideo Kojima

Founder Incites Hideo Kojima

Denis Dyack decided to break the long media fast by giving an interview to the founder of Silicon Knights spoke about his new project, Deadhaus Sonata, and thanked Hideo Kojima for the example offered in solving the problems linked to the development of complex video games.

In offering his point of view on the most influential personalities of the videogame scene, the cult series author like Legacy of Kain or Eternal Darkness , but also of catastrophic failures like Too Human , he defined the boss of Kojima Productions as a real industry guru, a genius capable of overcoming with disarming simplicity problems capable of destroying the career of equally famous developers.

As explained by Dyack, in fact, “often in this sector we hear everyone say ‘this project is impossible’. Hideo Kojima is different, I have never heard him say ‘I will’ and watch him fail in something that is not in able to solve. And some of these problems are really very difficult to overcome. 

The new title with which Denis Dyack will try to get back into the game, the fantasy horror film Deadhaus Sonata, will be proposed as free to play on PC and will take the form of a role-playing action and devoted to cooperative multiplayer. As for the slightly more famous Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima, however, we will have to wait until E3 2019 in mid-June to receive more information on this ambitious open-world sci-fi adventure.