Dragon Ball Fighterz: Has Major Nelson Inadvertently Revealed the Arrival of Janenba?

Dragon Ball Fighterz

The new episode of This Week On Xbox has been published, a weekly video-column in which the good Larry Hryb, known to most as Major Nelson, talks about the main news coming on the Microsoft console and, inadvertently, could have revealed the identity of the next Dragon Ball FighterZ fighter.

In fact, speaking of upcoming content, Major Nelson referred to an exclusive skin by Kid Goku and one by Janenba, a character currently not present on the roster of the Arc System Works fighting game. To confirm the arrival of the character was then the official Xbox Twitter profile, which in response to a user who had accused Microsoft responded:

“Apparently Xbox just announced Janenba in Dragon Ball FighterZ.”

For those who do not know who Janenba is, let’s talk about the villain of the 12th film based on Dragon Ball Z, or “The diabolical warrior of the underworld”. In the film, the evil demon takes various forms and it is very likely that the definitive game is coming in the game, which sees its skin take on a red color and its body covered with a sort of purple armor.