Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How Has It Evolved in These 4 Years? Let’s Find out in Video

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

During the second episode of PlayStation State of Play, it came back to show Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The title hadn’t appeared for four years since it was announced at the Sony conference at E3 2015.

In this long period of time, the development has progressed considerably, so the youtuber Cycu1 came up with the brilliant idea of comparing the trailer for Final Fantasy 7 shown at the State of Play with that shown in Los Angeles on the occasion of the announcement. The comparative focus first on the characters, highlighting a slight evolution of their physiognomy and a change to the color palette, now more heated. It then continues with the combat system, the clashes against the bosses and the settings. Find the video in question at the top of this news, enjoy it!

Beyond some changes, inevitable in productions of this caliber being worked for many years, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake that was shown at the State of Play seemed to us in great shape, and without a doubt able to respect the high expectations of the fan. The release date is still unknown, but Sony has promised the arrival of new information during the month of June. Episode publication has also been confirmed.