Fortnite Season 9: The Dataminer Reveals the New Challenges of the Gemini Skin

Fortnite Season 9: The Dataminer Reveals the New Challenges of the Gemini Skin

Besides the leaks of the Week 2 Challenges, the data mining operations conducted on the update files that launched Season 9 of Fortnite would confirm the imminent arrival, in the free to play universe of Epic Games’ battle royale, of new Challenges for the alternative styles of the Gemini skin.

The now-famous Lucas7yoshi and several other amateur programmers of the Fortnite dataminer scene have in fact traced the images and lines of text linked to the Gemini skin and the Challenges to be completed in the folds of patch 9.00 in order to unlock the different alternative styles.

If you want to pay attention to dataminer, in order to acquire the Gemini alternative style sets, you will have to face 25 games on Fortnite Royal Battle Island, survive 1,000 opponents and earn a total of 20,000 experience points . Once these game objectives are reached, the owners of the Gemini skin will be able to flesh out their wardrobe with the Black and Red versions of the Gemini costume, the decorative back (a sci-fi backpack in the shape of a cryo-capsule containing a cute stylized rabbit ) and of the pickaxe (a futuristic hammer that projects a holographic carrot).

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