Marvel the Great Alliance 3: The Guardians of the Galaxy at the Center of the New Gameplay Video

Marvel the Great Alliance 3

We once again talk about Marvel The Great Alliance 3: The Black Order, which after almost two months after its release shows with a new gameplay video featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

It seems that the game begins with the superhero group aboard the Milan, intent on reaching Nebula to begin the search for the Gems of Infinity. The main antagonists of the story, structured in chapters, will in fact be the Crazy Titan Thanos and the Black Order and our heroes will have to do their utmost to collect all the gems before the bad guys do. After a short introductory movie, we immediately move on to a fight involving a boss, Nebula, and numerous secondary enemies.

From the video, it is immediately clear that the clashes will be rather chaotic and it will be essential to exploit the potential of each individual character. One of the curiosities that we can learn from the movie is the fact that Groot and Rocket Raccoon will be a single character, able to launch both melee and distance attacks, thanks to the devastating raccoon weapons. At any point in the story, the player will also be joined by 3 allies controlled by artificial intelligence and will be able to switch between them with the simple push of a button.

The video also announces the presence of more or less known playable superheroes like Thor, Wolverine, Lockjaw, Captain Marvel, Crystal, Iron Man, Daredevil, Scarlet Witch (which here will act as a healer) and many others. All these characters can not only be controlled throughout history but also in the Infinity Trials, a series of additional challenges and disconnected from the main storyline that will put a strain on the players and will allow them to earn extra experience points and rare pieces of equipment.

Before leaving you to the video, we remind you that the release of Marvel The Great Alliance 3: The Black Order is scheduled for July 19, 2019, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Did you know that among the playable characters there will also be Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel?