PlayStation 4: Tidux Reveals the New Features of the Next Update

PlayStation 4: Tidux Reveals the New Features of the Next Update

Not content with the media hype aroused in the past with his frequent rumors on PS5 and PS4, not least that of the new SOCOM game, the Tidux insider explains on the pages of his Twitter profile that Sony’s top management is now about to launch a PS4 update that promises to be full of news.

Based on the information gathered by the insider, through the upcoming PlayStation 4 update the Japanese videogame giant will be able to introduce many features requested in recent years by the Black Monolith community.

The list of additional features provided by Tidux with the new PS4 firmware includes the possibility of giving games and DLCs through PlayStation Store, the possibility of creating a Wishlist to receive the latest news on the most anticipated titles and a reformulation of the card of Trophies that will help make progress tracking easier. But that is not all.

Also according to Tidux, the new PlayStation 4 update will implement a Timelog with usage statistics for each game in its own game library and a function to fix the position of the apps on the dashboard. The latest update of the Sony console, the PS4 firmware 6.51 launched in late March, was limited to improving the performance and stability of the system after the publication, at the beginning of March, of the update that extended support to Remote Play on iPhone and iPad.