Pokémon Go: Review the Episodes with Torchic Waiting for Its Community Day!


Pending the next Pokémon GO Community Day, which will take place on May 19th and will be dedicated to Torchic, The Pokémon Company has launched an interesting initiative on Pokémon TV.

The company has inaugurated a channel entirely focused on the third generation Uccello / Fuoco monster, in which are collected the best episodes of the anime that see it as the protagonist. From “A new travel companion” (Season 6 Episode 13), to ” The Apples of Discord” (Season 7 Episode 42), you can review them by going to the Pokémon TV site or using the iOS and Android app.

Torchic’s Community Day will take place from 15:00 to 18:00 on Sunday 19 May. During the scheduled hours the monster will appear more frequently than usual, and Blaziken will learn an exclusive move that has not yet been revealed. Also present were two inevitable bonuses, namely the triple stardust to capture and the duration of the baits extended to 3 hours.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the Detective Pikachu event will be active until May 17: the creatures of the film are appearing more frequently than normal, and some of them have also ended up in Raid Battles. It also appears that there is a Pikachu with an investigator hat around.