Final Fantasy VII Remake

Will Final Fantasy VII Remake Be Released in 2020?

After a tiring period of silence and doubts, Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally back to show itself with a new exciting trailer during the second episode of State of Play, the new communicative format with which Sony is keeping fans updated about its next projects.

The trailer seemed inspired and convincing to the vast majority of players but Square-Enix, unfortunately, has not yet announced the launch date of the expected remake, which we will remember will be released in an episodic format.

A rumor that appeared online on the True Gaming website, which includes the well-known and trusted King Zell leaker, reveals that the publisher intends to publish Final Fantasy VII Remake during 2020. We do not yet know the number of chapters in which the story will be fragmented, so it is difficult to make assumptions about how many of the chapters we will eventually be able to work with, in case this indiscretion proves to be found. Instead, it is easier to imagine the arrival of the game also on PlayStation 5, with the next-gen just around the corner.

The theory is also supported by the fact that, during the last meeting with the shareholders, Square-Enix stated that in the fiscal year 2019-2020 a particular security would have yielded considerable financial income, according to its estimates. Considering that we still know very little about Project Avengers, at this point, it is more plausible that the publisher is actually referring to the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Speculations aside, players will certainly know more about it at E3 2019, where Square-Enix has promised to release new official information.

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