Will Rockstar Games Present a New Video Game During E3 2019?

Will Rockstar Games Present a New Video Game During E3 2019?

In recent weeks rumors have multiplied on GTA 6. The new rumors related to Rockstar Games would like the American videogame giant about to present a new title during E3 2019.

The rumors that are bouncing on the main sites, social networks and industry forums come from an anonymous source of Reddit who, in commenting on the recent discovery of a development tool used by the Great R to develop Grand Theft Auto III, said he was certain of the fact that Rockstar will unveil a new video game during E3 2019.

The rumor in question does not offer further indications on the title in question, even if on the net there are also the “videoludic profilers” that trace the idolization of blockbusters like Bully 2, GTA 6, Agent and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

Before giving free rein to the imagination, however, it is worth remembering that the gigantic promotional machine of Rockstar Games almost never used the media showcase of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles to announce its projects.

The revelation of a new title during E3 2019, as a result, would represent a turning point for the entire digital entertainment sector, on the same level as Sony’s announcement of the absence of a PlayStation conference during the next edition of the event California videogame that, as our most affectionate readers will know, will be on stage between 11 and 14 June: here you will find all the dates and times of E3 conferences .