Borderlands 3: Gearbox Was Inspired by Modern Shooters like Titanfall 2

Borderlands 3: Gearbox Was Inspired by Modern Shooters like Titanfall 2

Judging from what we have seen so far, Borderlands 3 will not betray the roots of the series at all. Gearbox has not even bent to modern logic with regard to post-launch support, announcing 4 large expansions, exactly as happened with the other chapters.

At Borderlands 2, in any case, water has passed under the bridge. In the last seven years, numerous first-person shooters have come and gone, which have not gone unnoticed by Gearbox developers. The latter have done everything possible to adapt their title to modern standards: among the new game mechanics of Borderlands 3 will figure, for example, the possibility of sliding during the sprint, clearly inspired by that of the Titanfall series by Respawn Entertainment.

Speaking on Gamespot’s microphones, game director Paul Sage confessed that one of his most important sources of inspiration was Titanfall 2, universally recognized as one of the best FPS in recent years. 

“One of my favorite titles is Titanfall 2, released three years ago. Guys, I love that game. I think the shooting phases are fantastic. And yes, I’m convinced that we all take inspiration from the games we’re fans of because we’re all players. I think it’s true for the whole industry, or at least I hope. 

Borderlands 3, remember, will be launched on September 13th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Among our pages, you will find over an hour of gameplay as Zane, one of the new Crypt Hunters.