Competitive Fortnite: Ninja Without Words for a Bug; The Vehicles Have Been Disabled

Competitive Fortnite: Ninja Without Words for a Bug; The Vehicles Have Been Disabled

Despite its stratospheric success, Epic Games still does not seem able to find the perfect squaring of the circle with regard to the competitive component of Fortnite Battaglia Reale. Several bugs, in fact, are affecting the qualifications for the World Cup, whose finals will take place at the end of July.

The famous streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, for example, came across a rather unpleasant problem that would upset anyone. For his first match of the qualifying round held yesterday, Ninja decided to land near Laguna Languida: a pity that while gliding, the hang glider is completely gone! His character then landed ruinously on the ground, without he being able to do anything, decreeing his defeat. See for yourself in the video attached at the bottom of this news: Ninja has been speechless. This is a rather serious problem, especially because it occurred during a competitive game. His score was inevitably penalized.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has also discovered another serious bug, which does not allow players to exit vehicles. The developers have made it known that they have already set to work to solve it, but in the meantime, they have decided to disable all the vehicles during the Fortnite World Cup qualifying session which will take place today 12 May from 18:00 to 21:00.

It’s not over here! The scores of some players have literally disappeared from the rankings. While working on a solution, the guys at Epic Games made a mistake and entered the wrong data. Now they are busy fixing this other criticality too, but they have assured that this will not affect the qualifications.