Fortnite: Epic Games Has Announced the Summer Block Party Event

Fortnite: Epic Games Has Announced the Summer Block Party Event

Following the in-game debut of Fortnite’s Season 9, Epic Games announced a special two-day live event called Summer Block Festival.

The latter will take place in California, at the Inglewood Forum, during the days of Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June and will see the participation of creator and celebrities. During the Summer Block Festival in Fornite, there will also be several activities. In particular, on Saturday will see the development of the very first Creative Mode tournament, in which the teams will face each other ” in a new game created specifically by a player for this event “. On the following day, instead, Fortnite’s Pro-Am VIP will take place.

At the Summer Block Festival, there will also be various activities available, as emphasized by Epic Games: ” Meet more than 20 of your favorite Fortnite characters, including Bananita, Pescesecco, and shiny bomber. Plana on the island’s ziplines, visit the pirate ship or play for a round of Fortnite’s mini golf. Fill up on Durrr Burger, Pizza Pete, Ice Cream on tap and other in-game restaurants that will come to life. You can even complete a real Battle Pass to earn collectible items. ” Participation will be linked to the purchase of a special ticket. The two days will be streamed via various channels, including Twitch and Youtube.

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