From Software: New Multi-Platform Game with Announcement Expected at E3 2019?

From Software New Multi-Platform Game with Announcement Expected at E3 2019

The recent release of the acclaimed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice does not seem to have calmed the thirst for new community games linked to From Software, which is already wondering about what will be the next videogame creature of the Japanese software house.

And on this very topic an extremely large number of rumors have recently spread, and they would like From Software already ready to present their new project. According to Reddit, the source of the latter would be the “Omnipotent” insider, which in the past had correctly anticipated some information concerning Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In detail, these rumors would like the Hidetaka Miyazaki software house ready to present its new title no less than on the E3 2019, therefore in less than a month. The rumors, however, do not stop there: the game in development at From Software would not be Bloodborne 2and, furthermore, no should be exclusive. On the contrary, the mysterious title should be multiplatform.

As it is a rumor , as usual, we invite you to remember that these are not official information and must, therefore, be understood as unconfirmed corridor entries. Recently, the Japanese software house has been at the center of numerous speculations, some of which even wanted George RR Martin to work with From Software, while others focused on some of the artworks that emerged on the net. To find out what actually boils in the pot, however, we just have to wait patiently for news directly from From Software!