Granblue Fantasy Relink: The Team Wants Mobile Users to “Discover” Consoles

Granblue Fantasy Relink: The Team Wants Mobile Users to

During December 2018, CyGames shared with the public new details and trailers for Granblue Fantasy Relink, an action RPG that aims to transpose the narrative universe of the Granblue Fantasy mobile game to consoles.

A choice that was recently commented by Tetsuya Fukuhara, Director of the series, in an interview granted to PlayStation Official Magazine. Inside, the author expressed the hope that Granblue Fantasy Relink could help mobile gamers appreciate the potential of console gaming. These, in particular, his words: ” In Japan, the videogame market on consoles is shrinking, and currently only a few developers are able to produce triple-A titles. We want to show the fun of console games to smartphone users, which may not they grew up with the gaming console while attracting the“In this context, the CyGames team believes that transporting mobile IP to consoles can contribute to the creation of a single, large videogame community. What do you think of this vision? 

Within this vision, Fukuhara does not exclusively mention the action RPG Granblue Fantasy Relink, for which Platinum Games contributed for a while, but also the Granblue Fantasy Versus fighting game, both of which will bring the world of Granblue Fantasy to PlayStation 4. Recently, CyGames also announced a Granblue closed beta Fantasy Versus.