Launch of Rage 2: Revealed the Weight of the Day One Patch

Launch of Rage 2: Revealed the Weight of the Day One Patch

The marketing of RAGE 2 is shortly missing and several users who have booked the title report that they have already received a copy of the game. On the pages of the ResetEra forum, the reports of those who say they had to install the Day One Patch are multiplying.

According to the information shared by these lucky players who are already exploring the Devastated Zone in the company of the Ranger Walker, the RAGE 2 launch patch will be enclosed in a 14 GB installation file, a weight not particularly high for the standards of modern triple production A.

These dimensions would refer to the launch patch of the PlayStation 4 version, bringing the title to occupy total hard disk space of 45.54 GB. Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of these data, the weight of RAGE 2 and its Day One Patch on PS4 should not deviate much from the values ​​of the remaining PC and Xbox One versions, therefore we advise those who follow us to prepare for the time advent of the explosive Bethesda shooter by freeing up about 50 GB of hard disk space on its chosen platform.

While waiting to unleash pandemonium in hell post-apocalyptic last effort free roaming of id Software and Avalanche Studios, we remind those who follow us that was announced recently the roadmap of post-launch content of RAGE between 2 DLC free and paid. For those who want further information, on these pages, you will also find a list compiled by Bethesda with 10 things to know about RAGE 2.