Diablo 3: The Nightmare Season Begins on May 17th, Here Are the News

Diablo 3 The Nightmare Season Begins on May 17th, Here Are the News

The Blizzard Entertainment developers update us on the news that awaits us with the Diablo 3 Nightmare Season, the new in-game phase of their iconic RPG action that will officially start on May 17th on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch along with the launch of the new free update.

Through the 2.6.5 patch, the Blizzard authors will try to overcome some of the critical points identified by the community and to make changes requested by those who continue to hunt down monsters and demons in the dark-hued dimension of Diablo 3.

Among the innovations that await us with the Season of Nightmares, we point out the reintroduction of the rewards of the previous Seasons, the addition of new Torment levels (in this case, levels 14, 15 and 16), the reformulation of the Boss notification screens and Major Vaults, the possibility of using matchmaking when a Major Vault is in progress and the increase in Deadly Breaths obtained by completing the Challenge Vaults.

Also thanks to the update that will start Season 17 we will then see the introduction of a new research tool for the equipment in its possession and the addition of new suits provided by the Gifts of Haedrig :

  • Crusader: Summoner’s Spikes
  • Necromancer: Grace of Inarius
  • Shaman: Jade Collector Cloths
  • Magician: Mantle of the Phoenix
  • Barbarian: Earth Power
  • Demon Hunter: Shadow Cover
  • Monk: Garments of the Monkey King

The Diablo 3 patch that can be downloaded for free on May 17th, according to Blizzard, will help make the game even more fluid and improve the overall gaming experience, especially after completing in-game assignments with their own alter-ego. In the meantime, we leave you with Daniele D’Orefice’s special on the story of Diablo, the series that invented the Action RPG genre.