FIFA 20 for PS4: Free Trial with EA Access Confirmed

FIFA 20 for PS4 Free Trial with EA Access Confirmed

The arrival of EA Access on PlayStation 4 in July obviously opens up new scenarios also with regards to FIFA 20, the new football game Electronic Arts will also be available for a free trial on the Sony home console.

All EA Access subscribers (€3.99 per month or €24.99) will be able to play for 10 hours at FIFA 20 a week earlier than the official publication, and we can also expect early access for pre-orders, although at the moment the publisher has not declared anything about it.

FIFA 20 is expected to be released on September 27th on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, in all probability the demo will arrive between September 8th and September 15th and between September 19th and 20th Electronic Arts could unlock access to ten hours trial for EA Access subscribers, this time on all platforms and therefore also on PlayStation 4.

To find out more we will have to wait for the EA Play event scheduled for June, on this occasion the company will officially remove the veils from the much awaited FIFA 20.