Fortnite Bug: Check a New Instant Death Zone for Neoinclinato

Fortnite Bug Check a New Instant Death Zone for Neoinclinato

After witnessing the problems of the shock waves tunnels, more and more explorers of the digital island of Fortnite report having run into an annoying bug that caused the instant death of their character near Neoinclinato, one of the new gaming areas introduced with the opening of Season 9.

A user of FortniteBR’s popular subreddit wanted to capture the moment of his alter-ego’s death to warn other players and prevent this bug from ruining the experience of other users. In the video, the Fortnite enthusiast shows how dangerously easy it is to fall into this “invisible trap”.

The new area of ​​instantaneous death is in fact close to the quadrant dominated by the futuristic structures of Neoinclinato , and more precisely on the slope of a hill which is located south-east of the urban area of ​​the new city that has taken the place of Pinnacles Pendants after its recent destruction by the volcano that ended the pirate-themed Season 8 with a giant explosion.

Even the popular Ninja streamer ran into a very funny Season 9 bug that led him to perish in battle after witnessing the disappearance of his hang glider while attempting to redeploy it on the island. Let us know with a comment if you too are experiencing problems after updating Fortnite Battaglia Reale to the version that made Fortnite take a leap into the future with Season 9.

New insta kill spot outside of Neo-Tilted from FortNiteBR