God of War: Here Is a Splendid Cosplay from the Valkyrie Rota

God of War: Here Is a Splendid Cosplay from the Valkyrie Rota

God of War was one of the most important games of recent times, a brave and very successful reboot able to beat a giant like Red Dead Redemption 2 at The Game Awards 2018. So logical that it is loved by fans and cosplayers around the world.

When it comes to cosplayers and God of War, however, as expected, the first name that comes to mind is that of the protagonist, Kratos: there are many of them who have devoted time and money to the construction of the cosplay dedicated to the God of War, in fact. 

The cosplayer Raahega has instead decided to try to play another character: the Valkyrie Rota, one of the most difficult enemies to beat in the game. According to what the cosplayer told on Instagram, the costume took about eight months to complete, and about 2-3 hours of work every weekend.

The costume was also particularly difficult to wear, and Raahega herself could only use it for sessions of about 15 minutes and needed someone to help her set and remove the wings. As you can see from the photos at the bottom of the news, however, the result was worth it in the end, can’t you find?