Is Rayman Hiding in a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Internship?

Is Rayman Hiding in a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Internship?

Some players say they are convinced that Rayman is present with a cameo in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch and a video has been released to prove it …

It seems that the famous mascot of the French house has been spotted inside the Battlefield stage, well hidden in a block of ice. In reality, it is only a theory elaborated by the fans, much more realistically it is a simple optical illusion …

It is not excluded that Rayman (as well as other characters, perhaps Dante of Devil May Cry) can in the future make an appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, given the excellent relationships between Nintendo and Ubisoft, however, at the moment, nothing has been announced in about.

The first extra character of SSB Ultimate is the Joker of Persona 5, now available through DLC, the Fighter Pass includes four other downloadable contents whose subjects are still unknown.

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