Outer Wilds Will Also Be the Exclusive Epic Games Store

Outer Wilds Will Also Be the Exclusive Epic Games Store

To paraphrase one of the most famous phrases from Game of Thrones, “To the game of exclusives or win or die”, and Epic Games has every intention of winning, as it has just signed another exclusive, although temporary, agreement for a video game.

This is the sci-fi title of Mobius Digital Outer Wilds, which will be sold only on Epic’s platform for a period of time, as the same software company has announced that it will be sold through other channels in the future.

Mobius has in fact been told that his fans also want the game to arrive on Steam and other systems and reassured them that their feedback will be heard and taken into consideration.

The agreements with Xbox, Epic and the publisher Annapurna Interactive, meant that the studio could develop the game at the quality level it has achieved today, according to what Mobius said: “Each of these partnerships has allowed us to make the game better and more accessible for all those who will play it “.

However, Outer Wilds has also been funded through crowdfunding, and some ackers are not very happy with the exclusive deal with Epic Games Store. We’ll see if the software house manages to handle the situation.

It is not the only exclusive announced by the store in recent times, indeed: Borderlands 3 will be the exclusive Epic Games Store, as we will find exclusively on Epic Control and The Outer Worlds. What do you think of this policy?