Sekiro: Here Is the Mod with Protagonist 2B by Nier Automata

Sekiro: Here Is the Mod with Protagonist 2B by Nier Automata

It now seems that the publication of mods dedicated to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is out of control and it is possible to witness new and bizarre projects almost daily.

Only a few days ago we showed you the funny mod that allows you to wear the shoes of a low poly version of Donald Trump in Sekiro. The mod we will talk about today is instead taken more seriously and is mainly addressed to Nier: Automata fans, the action realized by Platinum Games in collaboration with Yoko Taro. By installing the mod in question, in fact, you can replace the model of the Wolf without an arm with that of the beautiful 2B, the android star of the last Nier. By installing the files needed to play with this character, you will not be limited only to the replacement of the same but also to that of the features of Kusabimaru, the extremely sharp katana of the Wolf. Even some audio files will be replaced with those of a female player to make the game more credible as the android.

As usual, you can find all the information necessary for the installation of the mod on the relative page of NexusMods. It should be noted that in order to enable the 2B model it is essential to have already available Mod Engine and the DS3 & BB material pack.

We remind you that thanks to the modder community it is also possible to face Shrek in Sekiro by replacing the model of the ogre mini-boss with that of the funny green creature.