The Windows 10 Game Bar Adds Group Search

The Windows 10 Game Bar Adds Group Search

The Windows 10 game bar has just been updated with another feature from Xbox One: Group Search. On the home console, Microsoft is a very important function, which has helped to form new clans and communities on games like Destiny 2, for example, and is therefore well accepted even on PC.

For the moment it is still in beta version (if you haven’t done it yet, you can subscribe to the program through the Xbox Insiders app in the Windows store), and the list of compatible games is currently rather limited, as it is reserved so far only to native Windows 10 games , but it could be an interesting option for Microsoft to improve from the community’s point of view (by the way, did you know that Xbox users are on average more precise than PC ones?), even though its main system operating.

Following the steps of competitors like Steam , which offer countless options for their communities, can only be good for a company like Microsoft, being the relationship with the community and among the members of the same community, the basis for success commercial, and Windows from this point of view had struggled a little in recent years.

Therefore the change, of course, can only be appreciated: what do you think?

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