Antstream: The Streaming Gaming Platform Enters Beta at the End of May

Antstream: The Streaming Gaming Platform Enters Beta at the End of May

Good news for retrogaming lovers: the Antstream streaming game platform has successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign, earning even more money than needed, a whopping 70 thousand pounds (the goal was reached at 50 thousand).

The platform is, therefore, preparing to arrive in Early Access for all backers, who will, therefore, be able to start using the service from May 28th, while the public will be able to start playing by the end of the year, even if a date has not yet been decided. output.

Antstream does not propose to be a competitor of Project xCloud and Google Stadia , but surely it will be attractive for those who want to replay, or try for the first time, some retro titles taken from a library that currently boasts over 2000 titles, of which 400 playable already in Early Access, plus the possibility of collecting achievements and more.

The possibility of being able to make healthy retrogaming using almost any device one has, actually seems very interesting. For the moment, therefore, we have to wait until May 28, when the first backers will be able to try Antstream for the first time, and we will probably know more about possible defects and the various features of the platform.

What do you think? Do you like the idea behind the project?