Bethesda’s Rage 2 Is Finally Available on PC and Console

Bethesda's Rage 2 Is Finally Available on PC and Console

Let the madness begin! RAGE 2 is now available worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. In the RAGE 2 universe, a classic id Software style combat system awaits you in a crazy open world created by Avalanche Studios.

Take on the role of Ranger Walker, the closest thing to a superhero and the best hope of overthrowing the tyrannical regime of General Cross and his mutant minions of the Authority.

Master an arsenal of devastating weapons and empowering nanotritical skills to turn enemies into flesh cubes. Marsh boars, Bulli of desert plains, mutants of sewers and samurai of immortal Shrouds, all in RAGE 2 want to kill you. Make sure you kill them first.

Available today on Windows PCs, PlayStation 4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One and Xbox One X.