Fortnite 9.10: When Will the New Update Be Released?

Fortnite 9.10: When Will the New Update Be Released?

With Season 9 of Fortnite, Epic Games seems to have upset the balance of the update system . Previously the new updates arrived more or less regularly on Tuesday morning, while now things seem to have changed …

Since the end of Season 8, the Fortnite updates have been postponed by one or two days, coming out on Wednesdays or even Thursdays, simultaneously with the Challenges of the Week. The situation that could be repeated also with the 9.10 update, initially expected for May 14th.

At the time of writing Epic Games has not communicated anything on its social media channels and we do not know exactly when this patch will be released, the publication today is still highly unlikely.

Almost certainly, the 9.10 Fortnite patch will be released on Wednesday, May 15, but even a morning launch on Thursday 16 is not excluded, along with the Challenges of Week 2, the latter already revealed by a weekend leak.