Fortnite Season 9: Epic Games Prepares to Launch the New Update 9.01

Fortnite Season 9: Epic Games Prepares to Launch the New Update 9.01

The developers of Epic Games say they are now ready to launch the first Fortnite update since the opening of Season 9 which has made the world’s most famous battle royale leap into the future through the addition, among other things, of new areas as Neoinclinato and Mega Mall.

According to reports from the Community Manager of Epic Games known on Reddit under the pseudonym of JustMooney1, the next Fortnite update that will bring the free to play shooter to version 9.01 should arrive on PCs, fixed consoles and iOS and Android mobile systems during Wednesday 15 May.

Without illustrating the novelties of this update, the simple numerical indication given to us by the update 9.01 suggests the willingness, on the part of US authors, to use them almost exclusively to solve the problems that emerged at the launch of Season 9. It would therefore not be a matter of a major update as suggested in the last few days by rumors on the output of Fortnite 9.10 but of a simple patch.

Among the various criticalities recently recognized by the community, some of which could already be solved with the update 9.01 of May 15, we point out the appearance of an annoying instant death zone near the urban quadrant of Neoinclinato and the bugs connected to the use hang gliders in both canonical and time-based lobbies. And yet, Fortnite’s data miners say they are certain of the imminent addition of a new weapon, the Tactical Assault Rifle, which helps to dissolve the tone of the controversy unleashed by the removal of the Shotgun at the end of Season 8.